Résidence de l’église

Traces of history

The origins of Résidence de l’Église, located in the canadian village of Frelighsburg, remain intact. The neo-gothic architectural aspect is preserved and makes the small residence a place of prestige.
The windows are the hallmark of the space’s essence. Made by Fabelta, they maintain the original layout and present a touch of modernity with the aluminum that covers them.,And, in addition to the elegant and bright architecture, the windows allow us breathtaking views.

The mature vegetation of the exterior comforts our vision, but what stands out in the landscape is the bell of the local church tower, with 385 kilos of heritage that make this residence a historical architectural project.
Inside the house, luxury and contemporary decor fit together. So a contrast is created between the neo-gothic appearance of the exteriors and the modern design of the interior spaces. Past and present merge and transport us to a comforting place.


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