Arpino: RED DOT Award

The emergence of public space at the service of furniture.
Minimal design, high functionality and an inclusive and neutral approach, the first line of the ARPINO brand, OXS, elevates the concept of a working city in a call for coexistence and creativity. The first collection of urban furniture created by ARPINO is distinguished by the minimal lines and the modular structure that, in a simple way, allows great flexibility, adjusting to the various spaces and their evolution. The OXS collection was born of the conscious design that accommodates and includes all heights and typologies, working from modular forms adapted to different spaces – from housing to public squares, from schools to shopping centers. On the other hand, the OXS series gives shape to the emerging public space of multicultural and technological interaction. Thus, the rehabilitation and access of all to the experience of the public space understood as a phenomenon of ethnic, cultural and religious fusion, as well as the awareness of a changing public space, served as a starting point for the creation of this line drawn and produced between two continents, Europe and Africa, and with the signature of designer Carlos Pereira.

The line includes an elegant urban lighting system, signage systems, ventilated pergolas, multimedia kiosks and bus stop barriers, as well as the traditional elements of urban furniture, such as delimiters, paper tables, benches and barriers. Due to the versatility and quality of the OXS line design, ARPINO won the RED DOT award – Best of the Best in the Urban Design category. After the official award ceremony in Essen, Germany, the OXS line will be part of the “Design on Stage” exhibition, the RED DOT Design Yearbook, the online platform and the RED DOT Design application.

Photography: Paulo Carvalho


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