Darling Point

Renew for versatility.

In Darling Point, suburban Sydney, you can glimpse a renewed victorian house. A team from the Alexander&Co studio renovated the space as an homage to the area’s architecture. The residence has been redesigned to fit the local’s specificities, but has a history of its own. The team of architects wanted to design a space suitable for a family of five. The solution is a house with four bedrooms, an office and a terrace with a garden. Thus, the idea of ​​combining privacy, comfort and leisure came to life.

The pavement, in blue and white, opens the way to a space that transmits tranquility. In the interior, tradition is also present, through the limestone pavements. The number of materials expands with the polished plaster and the wood coating of other divisions inside the house. And, to the diversity, complexity is added: all the house’s surfaces were detailed and finished manually. The project of Alexander & Co studio promotes a meeting between contemporary and traditional within a compact and historical space.

The residence has been redesigned to fit the local’s specificities, but has a history of its own.

Photography: Tom Ferguson


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