“Where Art makes the Party”.

Figueiró dos Vinhos, a city in the centre of Portugal, carries with it a peculiar – but forgotten – history in the national art scene. This fact became a motto to renew the city’s projection as a producer and stage of artistic and cultural activity (now) in contemporary times. From this aim was born FAZUNCHAR, a new art festival. There, as elsewhere in the country, it is urgent to transmit and preserve the cultural corpus of the collective entity. The festival will feature different types of art in constant dialogue with each other, with the community and with the territory. The program includes mural painting, artistic residences, installations, concerts, films, community actions and workshops for all ages.

Among the artists invited to this 1st edition of FAZUNCHAR are some of the most promising on the international scene, such as Moroccan Mohamed L’ghacham or Spanish Julio Anaya Cabanding. These are joined by the Portuguese Aheneah, who stood out for transforming the cross-stitch into a modern and urban graphic, and by Halfstudio, a duo specialized in lettering. The concept creation, curatorship and co-organization of the festival is by Mistaker Maker – Artistic Intervention Platform. Promoted by Figueiró dos Vinhos City Hall, FAZUNCHAR will take place from August 24 to September 1.

Photography: Courtesy of FAZUNCHAR Organization


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