Paola Paronetto

The tradition of today.

There are several kinds of journeys. Journeys that mean you get to know another city, another country. Journeys that represent a search for something we are still not clear about what it is. Journeys to the past and traditions because from there originate new ideas, new projects, new ways of looking at materiality. It is from this latter type of journey that we speak of in the next few lines, of Paola Paronetto’s inspiration in what is ancient, in far-off cultures and greatly in what is natural.

Born in Pordenone, Italy, in 1965, Paola is a ceramic artist and works mostly with porcelain, paper clay, terra sigillata and raku. It is with these materials that she gives life to unique products, with exceptional shapes and colours that fascinate the eye.
Featured in ROOF 20

Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Studio Auber

Paola Paronetto

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