Pebble sofa

Natural minimalism.

Santiago Bautista is the founding designer of Bau Design, whose headquarters are in Copenhagen. It’s from there that he presents minimalist pieces that stand out, above all, for its simple lines and for the materials’ quality. For Bolia, Santiago Bautista designed a sofa inspired by nature, by the idea that on “a pile of rocks” we can find support, a bench or even a table. “I wanted to create a very open sofa concept, which would invite the people to use it in their own way”, says the designer.

That’s how Pebble was born, costum made and with a responsible production – it is only produced when an order is placed -, and it is possible, besides that, to choose amongst a great amount of fabrics. It is also a sofa that Santiago Bautista thought out to work on its own or with other elements.

Bau Design

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