A home-flavoured oasis.

In the heart of Barcelona’s Poble Sec district, the restoration of the CALDRAP apartment has been a real surprise. Its compartmentalized interior led to an apple-green open-air oasis barely visible from the apartment itself. Since the beginning of the project, nook architects’ priority has been to strengthen the visual and spatial connection between the house’s interior and exterior. Both the recovery of materials and the choice of finishes remained true to the original concept. Since homeowners were looking for a homestay where common space would be more relevant, more private areas, such as bedrooms, were left in the background. 

The intervention of nook made the apartment more functional and with a high level of thermal acoustic comfort. Priority was given to changing the existing layout and creating a large, open daytime area incorporating a complete living room, dining room and kitchen, fully connected to the outside through a large glass gallery. As for materials, efforts were made to maintain the pre-existing trilogy: wood, marble, ceramics. The wood was recovered and the ceramic vaults and metal beams left exposed. The overall colour scheme is mostly neutral, to emphasize the original features of the apartment, where the vaulted wood and terracotta shades stand out.

Photography: Gael del Río

nook architects

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