Chá Camélia

The philosophy of a good tea.

Life often takes us to wonderful places. And that’s great. Usually, these are places that teach us, that make us more and that let us know about surprising arts. A little while ago, life took us to such a place – it told us about Chá Camélia, a biologically produced tea in the heart of Vila do Conde, in the North of Portugal, “elegant, complex, but with its own terroir, with a sea note”, says Nina. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us start with the beginning. Chá Camélia was born out of love, out of the dream of Nina Gruntkowski and Dirk Niepoort. Of knowing that time is invaluable, probably the most powerful ally that we can have on our side.

Nina still worked as journalist to a German radio when the project’s sketch began to be drawn, aware that journalism “would not be for the rest of [her] life” and after an interview about green tea and the offering of a first plant.Since the beginning, the idea was to entirely produce a tea (inspired in Japan – something with which the Morimoto family, producer of Japanese biologic tea and a supporter of Nina’s project, helped guiding). Meaning, from plant to product. And that’s how it was, and that’s how it is. Camellias (camellia sinensis) from Chá Camélia’s plantation are born and grown under the care and vigilance of Nina and the small team that works with her.
Featured in ROOF 21 – the VOLUMES issue

Text: Inês Mendes
Photography: Philippe Simões; Inês Mendes

Chá Camélia

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