White’s opened the first service desk. There, on the southern coast of Montreal, the foundation was laid for a new – and modern – the concept of dry cleaning based on an environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly production line. The outdoor factory is in the city centre and mirrors the brand image: minimalist design and attention to detail. White’s thus introduces a new typology of laundries in Canada. Inspired by traditional Parisian apartments, the space, with signature by IVYSTUDIO design and architecture studio, is classic and elegant, with extensive moulding details, sophisticated volumes and noble materials. 

A series of recessed lighting globes aligned with an abundance of tall frames help to take advantage of the original (extensive) height of the rooms. To contrast with the immaculate white decor, handcrafted terracotta ceramic tiles have been selected to fill the fishbone-shaped floor. On the other hand, the space organization reveals various architectural curiosities, such as the hidden doors, the integrated window for the seamstress’s counter and the frosted glass strip that shows the movement of clothes on the hidden conveyor. Outside, the fully glazed façade features the monolithic black marble balcony and the brass Lambert et fils lamp. Together they set the right tone for the new brand of dry-cleaning products.

Photography: Annie Fafard


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