Seridó apartment, in São Paulo, has been recently renovated. The proposal, signed by Architects Hueb Ferreira, was to change the plan, which was divided in three parts, making it cleaner and integrating. From this, wider spaces were created that help the routine of the residents, while valuing natural light, the view and the contact with the outside. There, the tree-lined balconies provide greater proximity to the surrounding nature.

Inside, the rooms are more sober, with grey lead panels contrasting with the marble floor. The wine cellar and vertical wooden louvers provide a warm and sophisticated ambience to the apartment. In the lobby, which separates the intimate, more private area from the common, more social areas, Hueb Ferreira Architects chose to create a dramatic and striking space, with a predominance of strong colours and wooden beams with diffused lighting.

Photography: Romulo Fialdini

Hueb Ferreira Arquitetos

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