Beefbar Beach Malta

The first of its kind.

Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet architect’s duo have been focusing on the design of the famous Beefbar all over the world. After Paris, Hong Kong, Monaco, Dubai and Mykonos, the latest opened its doors in the heart of St. Paul’s Bay, Malta. This is Beefbar’s first beach club concept. In order to create a space that could echo the essence of Malta, atelier Humbert & Poyet was inspired by the sea, the island’s natural stone and local crafts. Architects choose a warm colour spectrum with an emphasis on soft earth tones that brings life to space.

There, materials such as rattan, ceramics, plaster and concrete were used to decorate the interior. As for furniture, Humbert & Poyet opted for fine textured fabrics with fun lists and patterns. Another highlight of the project is the decorative and lush vegetation present in the lobby, lounge, restaurant, terrace and pool. Beefbar Beach Malta was designed to be a vast, open seafront space nearby.

Photos: Francis Amiand

Humbert & Poyet

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