Casa dos Cubos

In the vastness of emptiness, and of half-forgotten spaces that have come to life, we find many answers. Casa dos Cubos is part of the history of the city of Tomar, since its origin by Ordem dos Templários, has lived many lives.

Located on the banks of river Nabão, it began as a grain warehouse and today is a space dedicated to art, chiefly Photography. 

A Casa, as we now know it, was rehabilitated in 2007, by EMBAIXADA arquitetura atelier. The entire exterior facade was preserved and the interiors fully demolished so to give life to a new reality. This is how an innovative structure was created, defining Casa dos Cubos’ anatomy, an architectural body that, in a language that connects, but separates itself from the facade surrounding it, defines the interior areas and creates new spaces.
Featured in ROOF 22

Inês Mendes
Philippe Simões

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