A singular space.

Airy, bright and vibrant. This is the Elda restaurant in San Francisco. The interior design was in charge of studio ROY which, based on its usual collaborative approach, sought to create a unique atmosphere. After several weeks of studying shapes and textures with the space owners, the Californian studio realized that the Elda would have to be very architectural, but in an integrated way without being forced. To add colour to the space, the studio has combined warm tropical wood tones, colourful hand-made tiles, cement-based walls inspired by Mexican architecture, and plenty of greenery.

Suspensions and colourful stools that fill the dining area add a fun and relaxed feel to the space. Upstairs, at Cheeky’s, the studio had to create an energetic Jamaican dance hall. He sought inspiration from the Caribbean, mixed patterns, colours and modest materials to establish a connection between this room and its roots. The end result? A cozy space, pleasant in sight.

Photography: Lauren Edith Andersen


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