Norm Architects

The beauty of minimalism.

A singular work philosophy emerges from Norm Architects studio: that balance is the projects’ key and that simplicity is the engine for “bigger ideas”. Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, this is an atelier renowned for the smooth minimalism and considered architecture, spreading its activity through industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction. They shape their projects in such a way that they not only seem pleasant, but that let all those who experience it feel good.

They look for, above all, the timeless aesthetics and the use of natural materials connected to nordic design, thus creating spaces and objects with an holistic approach and centered in people. Responsible for projects such as the Kinfolk Gallery, The Audo or the Pennon Table, the team behind Norm Architects constantly looks for solution that last in time, that naturally beautiful by themselves.

Norm Architects is a studio that spreads across fields such as residential architecture, industrial design and artistic direction. How is the experience of working with these interconnected, yet with different requirements, fields?

Working in these fields makes us able to create holistic and human centered projects. We’re able to keep control of a whole project and it creates a dynamic at the studio where we’re constantly aware of scale and the life that is to be lived in or around our projects.
Featured in ROOF 22 – the FUTURE issue

Inês Mendes
Norm Architects

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