The Church of the Penitent Thief

Sober and solemn architecture.

On the outskirts of Bologna, Italy, there is a new home of spirituality. La Chiesa del Buon Ladrone (The Church of the Penitent Thief) and the annexed parish complex were born by the hands of a group of young architects from INOUT architettura, LADO architetti and LAMBER + LAMBER studio. The project started in 2010 and emerged from a strongly participatory process that involved the entire community. Nine years later, La Chiesa del Buon Ladrone is a sacred place that does not sacrifice its symbolic and evocative dimensions. It seeks to be inclusive and recognizable.

The architectural, liturgical and artistic components of the project were carefully considered and analyzed as closely linked elements, as parts of the whole. Based on the archetypal image of a church, the design sought a merciless architecture to faithfully reflect the desired essence. Sober, solemn, but not monumental. It echoes the mysticism of everyday life and evokes the marble of classical architecture, but it is free of the material element that undermines the modest geometries of a church, making it a unique exception.

Simone Bossi Photographer

INOUT architettura
LADO architetti

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