Walking Assembly

Jigsaw puzzle.

The studio Matter Design uses alternative ways of thinking to reconsider – and (re)build – the future of our “built environment”. In this context, the Walking Assembly project demonstrates that in a building it is possible to assemble solid elements without the use of a crane, as well as to move concrete sculptures by hand. To this end, Walking Assembly reintroduces the potentialities of knowledge regarding the transport and placement of megalithic structures of the past. This ancient (and mysterious) knowledge serves as the basis for the transportation and assembly of (future) architectural structures.

They can now be assembled and disassembled intelligently and with little energy consumption. When using variable density concrete, the object’s centre of mass is precisely calibrated to control its stability and easy movement of the various elements. This ensures that the massive elements are assembled successfully, creating the possibility to build without a crane while transforming the construction process into a real jigsaw puzzle.

Photography and video: © Matter Design

Matter Design

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