COVO – Studio/DesignStore


COVO designs interiors, remodels and recovers identities. It believes that design can add value to culture and heritage. From the desire to join the studio with the objects it advocates, a new space with dual functionality was born. It houses a studio and a store. Located in Beira Alta, in Vila Nova de Paiva, right in the interior of Portugal, the space faces a small square. The rectangular store has large openings – which allow the various products that make up COVO’s projects to be exhibited – and two glazed facades, preposterously facing the street, so that daily life can keep up with the rhythm of life of the village people. At the back of the store is the studio, in the shape of a house.

It is conceptually a habitacle. It symbolizes the traditional form of home, “the home of those who design homes”, an intimate space that aims to reflect the essence of COVO – minimal, conceptual, current. Mário and José Morgado, the faces and hands behind COVO Interiores and the Studio/ DesignStore, returned to their origins to “resume forgotten habits”, lost in time and space, due to migration for academic and professional reasons. It was precisely this legacy that enabled them to create COVO Interiores. Its mission is to create spaces, a mission that is very evident in the new store through the representation of brands such as FLOS and Normann Copenhagen.

There are also their own creations, exclusive and author design with handmade pieces. There, a meeting point with customers is established. The space materializes and fulfils the desire of Mário and José to work on the kind of design they like best: “individual, exceptional projects that breathe place and time.” There, they intend to bring the public to their world, to call them to the place of creation, the cradle of the projects and ideas that fill their days.

João Morgado

João Morgado
COVO Interiores

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