Going Hybrid

Through the road with no end.

To know a car up close, to open the door, feel the wheel and the seat, and to be, somehow, part of the object which let us travel is always a revealing moment. That is how we partly understand the approaching journey. It was in Martinhal Sagres, during the Luxury Art & Design Weekend, that we experienced such a moment, in a small roadtrip with the Mini Countryman SE. It is an hybrid, with automatic gearbox, all wheel drive and five spacious seats that takes us in peaceful journey.

It is to be, somehow, part of the object which let us travel.

Surrounded by a smooth and responsive driving feeling, we go by the shore. The waves hit the rocks, the birds fly above the cliffs and we notice the silence of the electric engine to which the car gives preference. The Countryman SE is a plug-in and regenerates energy, with batteries that provide an autonomy of about 50km, always being possible to choose when you want to use the fuel engine. The sun is already low and it is time to go back, through a road too short to say goodbye.

Photography and video
Philippe Simões


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