Soho Loft

Where the tranquility inhabits.

SoHo, acronym for South of Houston, is one of New York’s most popular neighbourhoods. Located in Manhattan, it is full of boutiques of renowned designers, upscale shops and art galleries. Known for its elegant cast-iron facades and cobbled streets, the trendy neighbourhood is the backdrop for Soho Loft by Tina Rich Design interior studio. Tina seeks to create spaces that truly reflect the style and personality of the intended client, while imprinting her laid-back signature and Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic. This is what happened with the Soho Loft project, which is as relaxed as it is quiet, in contrast to the busy streets of the neighbourhood. The main goal was to keep the space as open as possible since it was originally a loft.

The studio has chosen to create a metal and glass partition wall as well as double doors to the guest room. One of Tina Rich’s favourite features is the main bathroom window: it lets the light in and gives the space a true loft look. Every inch of the apartment has been redesigned, from the floors and the lighting to the selection of artwork and decorative accessories. The original brick and wood beams have been retained. Added to this is a contrast with industrial brick, metal and concrete. Curtains, light oak wood details and ceramic pieces were added. The end result is a truly warm, spacious and bright loft.

Christian Torres

Christian Torres
Tina Rich Design

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