Santa Clara 1728

Comfort and simplicity

There are encounters that take time. That take place in silence. These encounters are quiet, peaceful and rewarding, bringing together stories that are worth telling. This is one of those stories, about one of these encounters.
Lisbon is a bright, colourful city with typical buildings and is our location. We went up to Campo de Santa Clara, with paths made of Portuguese pavement, to get to know a place with a unique philosophy: Santa Clara 1728, the most urban of the four spaces comprising Silent Living.

And although it is the most metropolitan, we feel all the Silent Living essence that fills the space as soon as we walk through the door. 

From the noise and heat involving us outside on the street, we went inside to the quiet and silence. We see the pale grey, immaculate walls, the same-tone couches, an ancient unknown author’s painting – bought in the antique market just across the street and that caught our attention – also the vintage staircase, and we clearly see the simplicity everywhere around us.

Manuel Aires Mateus being the architect responsible – similar to the project’s other three houses (Casas na Areia, Cabanas no Rio and Casa no Tempo) –, one of the main concerns was recovering the pre-existing, a building that, explains João Rodrigues, the owner, was extremely damaged, “roofless and exposed”.
Featured in ROOF 23 – RESET

Inês Mendes
Philippe Simões

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