The New Design Project

Chip Cookies & Cream.

One of the latest projects by the American interior design studio The New Design Project is a cookie shop in West Village. Chip Cookies & Cream opened its doors last October and stands out above all due to the raw white of its walls, but also for its terrazzo and tile decoration. According to the studio, the curved architectural shapes that evoke the Chip logo have been combined with a beige and chocolate brown colour palette to create a warm, comforting and stimulating atmosphere. Shop windows and coffee machines sit on a counter of curved white bars.

The amber, beige and black speckled terrazzo countertops cover the sculptural piece. This material was also used to decorate and shape a small shelf that cuts one of the three large – and sculptural – bronze mirrors placed on the wall in front of the counter. Behind this, a cabinet with beige rectangular tiles provides additional storage. There are also three sculptural openings puncturing the back wall of the new bakery, connecting the main room to an adjacent hallway. As for furniture, the seating area includes two built-in dark brown velvet upholstered benches, as well as small side benches covered with circular grey cushions. On the whole, it is a sober and minimalist space.

Will Ellis

The New Design Project

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