What is beauty

Open concept.

Marine Billet works, essentially, with image. She likes to create scenes and set designs which illustrate the images she wants to show, where lights plays a major role. Photography is the area in which the artist feels more comfortable, but she wanted to take a risk and embrace a different challenge. That is how Marine got to cinematography and, more specifically, to the short film What is Beauty?. Besides the photographic inspiration, the aesthetics of Twin Peaks, Wes Anderson or American Beauty also stands out.

The short film theme, the question Marine would like to answer, arised from the small cottage she bought, “lost in the middle of nature”, a retreat the french artist calls her “paradise”, the place in which she feels “more fulfilled”. That is where she realized what, to her, is beauty. Marine wanted, nonetheless, challenge that idea with other people in order to understand if there has been a “standardization of beauty”.

That is how the artist shaped a “contemplative” short film, to create a moment in which the spectator could take the time to see it, and that it created a moment of serenity. the goal was that, such as the artist did, in the end those who see the short film may ask, calmly, “what is beauty”?

Photography and video
Marine Billet

Marine Billet

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