Casa de São Lourenço

Portugal is made up of many pieces of everything: a rugged coastline with white sandy beaches, luxurious green islands, rivers, flat landscapes, mountains. And it is precisely to the mountains that we are heading for, the rocks, the creeping vegetation and the trees that line the narrow roads that climb the slope and lead us to the heart of the mountains. We let ourselves go through a zigzagging path, watch the huge rocks and the horizon to lose sight of until we reach Manteigas, more precisely Casa de São Lourenço, our destination.

Here, the attention is on the feeling of being at home, of feeling comfortable.

It was in the hillside’s refuge that this space was reborn, through the hands of João Tomás and Isabel Costa, after having once been a ‘Pousada de Portugal’ (Portuguese charm hotels). Sitting on one of the mountain-facing balconies, we take a deep breath and become aware of the altitude as we see the tiny houses in the valley. And it is from here that we see the complete scenery and try to condense into words and images everything we know and discover. Here, the attention is on the feeling of being at home, of feeling comfortable, which is above all the sincere and true welcome of every guest. There are only 21 rooms, designed to offer a unique view of the surrounding mountains (…).

Isabel and João are two mountain explorers. Mountaineering and hiking is, for them, the same as breathing. In 2010 they discovered Manteigas wool factory and could not let this piece of heritage and culture get lost in the crinkles of time. Thus, they seized the challenge to recover the factory and its traditional machines and equipment, the same ones that were used when production was done by hand.
Featured in ROOF 23 – the RESET issue

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