Exmo Hotel

Antique and contemporary.

There are buildings that carry with them many stories and countless lives. Spaces that noted the city around them grow, transform, people coming and going, great events and peaceful days. This is the aura of Exmo Hotel, a new space in the centre of Porto, next to iconic buildings such as Palácio da Bolsa or Hard Club (former Mercado Ferreira Borges).

One of the main ambitions of Floret architecture studio, responsible for the building’s restoration project, was that when going in, we hardly realized this intervention took place. Hence, the main foundations were its pre-existence, its design and new program destined for it – after having been a family house, office building, warehouse and recently a bank, the goal was now to be a hotel. Given the space’s good preservation, the architects were able to design a minimal intrusive project, which adds new elements taking into account its new purposeful, but in order to allow its reversibility, if necessary.
Featured in ROOF 23 – RESET

Inês Mendes
Ivo Tavares Studio


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