Scandinavian aesthetics vs. Japanese culture.

The HVERDAGEN restaurant is one of the most recent projects of the Danish design, interior and architecture studio in Vermland. It can be described as a social space inspired by Japanese culture. The interior design combines the idea of ​​a traditional restaurant with the concept of gathering friends and family around a long dining table.

The restaurant is located in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. The owners of the space wanted to introduce everyday food experimentally and sustainably, based on 100% organic ingredients. Using simple techniques, inspired by Japanese craftsmanship, the Vermland studio created high-quality furniture to fill the space, entirely and integrally, produced using the same raw material, from the same Douglas tree. According to Anton Bak, co-founder of Vermland, the team sought to “design and manufacture furniture based on local and durable materials”, which will contribute positively “to the environment over many decades”.

Bearing in mind that the Danish studio takes a holistic approach to all projects, starting by analysing the needs of each client to ensure that the result is true to its identity and values, the long years of experience in traditional joinery and spatial design make it possible for Vermland to combine Scandinavian aesthetics with contemporary elements, which ensures that its projects are relevant today and in the future. The HVERDAGEN restaurant is not intended to be an exception.

Jannick Boerlum

Jannick Boerlum

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