Tropical modernism.

Interior designer Annie Harrison’s first project, from Studio Fils, is a restaurant with bold flavours from a small island in Sri Lanka. Kolamba, on Kingly Street in the famous Carnaby area of Soho, London, excels in unparalleled service. There, luxury means serving the customer well. Aushi and Eroshan Meewella, founders of Kolamba, have created a menu that unleashes a very particular nostalgia. Refers to family and friend meetings around the table. The idea is to evoke a sense of community while savouring Sri Lankan delicacies.

As for the interior design, the work developed by Studio Fils – in collaboration with the Meewella – is a tribute to the “Tropical Modernism” movement of Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, whose ideas about the traditional and modernist design of the country underpinned the concept of Interiors developed by interior designer Annie Harrison, shaping the space’s narrative, making it unique. Contrary to the shady surroundings of most Soho restaurants, Kolamba is bright and airy. This helps the colour palette and materials used in the project – such as terrazzo, concrete, wood, rattan, among others. Annie made the most of the discovery of glass tiles to bring natural light into the ground floor dining room. Alongside this, the use of greenery creates a tropical environment and, together with the concrete seating areas – divided by twisted wood screens – allow light – and plants – to have freedom of movement, bringing the restaurant to life.

The space’s pièce de résistance is the large and robust terrazzo cocktail bar. Inspired by the first small-scale terrazzo created for the project, Annie ordered the bar to be made of large pieces of bluish-green marble in white resin, a sustainable option that encloses the neutral, earthy palette that defines the entire Kolamba.

Jamie Lau

Studio Fils

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