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Cork Whisperer.

Melanie Abrantes has always kept a watchful eye on the world of design. Having attended Los Angeles’s Otis College of Art and Design enabled her to understand art, signalling the beginning of her journey as a designer. There Melanie came across furniture and product design. Beginning to create her own style and distinctive from others. Her inspiring muse was nature. Passionate about colours, textures and the creations of nature itself, for the designer simply going for a walk amidst the surrounding area of ​​her home in Oakland offers her an infinite amount of inspiring ideas.

Then again, the time she spends at her Oakland California Studio is dedicated to researching, testing and adapting the product to the its user, resulting in simple yet unique high-quality objects. Melanie draws with a function in mind. She works for a definite purpose. Thus, the designer restricts her range of raw materials to a very narrow and exclusive variety, creating pieces as beautiful as they are functional. Nothing is purely just for decoration.
Featured in ROOF 23 – the RESET issue

Melanie draws with a function in mind. She works for a definite purpose.

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Melanie Abrantes Designs
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