“Muse By…”

Design at the service of luxury.

The Michaelis Boyd studio, founded in 1995 by Alex Michaelis and Tim Boyd, is internationally known for its sophisticated – and award-winning – architectural and interior design projects. The duo recently opened its first flagship boutique at Luxembourg for a luxury brand in the retail sector – “Muse By …”. Michaelis Boyd aimed to develop a strong brand identity to create a space that served the needs and desires of regular customers and, at the same time, attracted new customers.

To this end, the design concept balances soft and industrial elements, premium materials and bespoke solutions – such as furniture – in order to create a fresh and impactful, elegant and distinctive interior, thus creating a contemporary shopping experience and Lux. The two floors that make up the boutique were filled with handmade terracotta tiles, complemented by green tiles, colourful terrazzo, sumptuous carpets, wood finishes, and brushed brass hardware.

The ground floor design seeks to create areas characterized by specific materials and textures that change and evolve as customers travel through the store. The entrance area creates an immediate visual impact through an interesting mix of materials, warm and welcoming. These, carefully selected by the studio and combined with industrial resources, resulting in a welcoming and inspiring boutique, just like a luxury flagship.

Gavriil Papadiotis

Michaelis Boyd

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