The Douro to the world.

“Douro region is the most beautiful in the world”. This is simply assured by Dirk Niepoort, the fifth generation at the head of a family business – who came from Holland – and whose family has been deeply engaged with wine since 1842. It is an affection that can be felt in every word, as the desire to do more and better, to move ahead, and make the region known to the world. Niepoort started out as a Port wine business selling company. It had no vineyards, samples of the wine that was made just after the vintages were brought in, and was bought, and, even before summer, Port wine was transported to a warehouse in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Niepoort started out as a Port wine business selling company

It was in 1987 that Dirk began working for the company and also the year, the vineyard Quinta de Nápoles was purchased. Shortly after, joined Quinta do Carril, nearby. “Nowadays we have 62 hectares in the Douro. We buy grapes, but winemaking is all controlled by us”, he explains. Hence the importance of the winery, built in 2007, where the production that is as natural as it can possibly be, where not much is extracted: “we have all the necessary equipment, but philosophically speaking, I believe less is more”.
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