México in Matosinhos.

Number 340 on Rua Roberto Ivens, in Matosinhos, preserves the traditions of a whole nation.  There we can eat traditional Mexican food, just like eating at abuella’s house. The space’s facade invites us to go in and, as soon as we open the door, we are enveloped by traditional music that guides us to the bar. There, you can try author cocktails – from the by now traditional Sicario, to the new Guerita (where mango and pineapple touches stand out) and Mezcalita (which gives a twist to the traditional margarita, and where black Himalayan salt is used). Above all, it seeks to highlight not only the multiplicity, but also the versatility of tequila.

Open since August 2019, Sicario now presents a new menu – after taking into account client’s feedbacks. The purpose now is to be, all the more, a space for homemade food, sharing dishes, and a more interactive menu since clients can even make their own tacos. Among the various dishes that come to the table, and perhaps unfair to some of the choices, we can safely highlight the particularly creamy poblano chile soup and the chilpachole de camaron, a delicious spicy seafood soup. We have got to mention the dish with Maya origin, Cochinita ‘Pibil’, made with pork, Chamorro – a juicy pork cheek, slow roasted for six hours at low temperature, and Pescado a la Veracruzana, a sea bass fresh fillet that melts in our mouth.

We must also mention desserts, where we highlight the delicate homemade peanut ice cream and the soft coconut jericalla – a kind of creme brulée with coconut.
At Sicario, the intention is to give the client a truly Mexican experience, with typical cuisine from various regions of the country, not necessarily spicy dishes, but with the flavour and  atmosphere of abuella’s house. 

Daniela Silva


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