Surface Scounce

The beauty of imperfection.

There are moments that renew themselves. Sometimes, a different piece, fluid design, or a more suitable material is enough to reset. This is how we find Surface Sconce, a lamp from the Australian Studio Henry Wilson in the category of objects whose design makes them pieces of art. It gives in to the space that surrounds it without getting lost because, at the same time, it stands out charmingly. Surface Sconce is a lamp, and a sculpture, which takes shape through two halves. It is a minimal collection that combines form and function.

It is a minimal collection that combines form and function.

This range of products include pieces made of solid metal and natural stones, which makes each one unique, since the stones always have slightly different patterns and, in the case of metal, using small series at a time, the designer ultimately, gives forms to pieces with slight variations. The illumination of these lamps is similarly unique. It is a scattering of warm, soft light that spreads through the curved in part and illuminates in an even way.
Featured in ROOF 23 – RESET

Inês Mendes
Andy Lewis
Felix Forrest

Studio Henry Wilson

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