Beauty of Intendente.

Lisbon has always several spaces for us to get to know its history, its beauty and its light. This time, it sent us to Intendente to present us 1908 hotel and its Infame restaurant. The façade charmed us and invited us to go in, promising beautiful and peaceful moments. Bordalo II’s installations, made with the fragments from the rehabilitation work in that particular building, amaze from the start, especially the dragonfly that occupies an entire wall in the bar area. This is an area whose colours – from the dark green of the sofa to the black and white bricks, that make up the floor’s geometry – that greeted us immensely.

1908 is a boutique hotel, named after the Valmor Prize that the building received for the architect who designed it, Adães Bermudes, and one of the crowning glories of rehabilitation, designed by the architect Pardal Monteiro, is the roof room that presents us with a privileged view of São Jorge’s Castle and whose spiral stairs fascinate us. We must also highlight the importance given to art. In addition to Bordalo II, our eyes are easily captivated by the mural by Vanessa Teodoro, that tells the story of the building and its surrounding area. Opened 3 years ago, it was another step in the rebirth of Intendente as a top area in the capital, not only for its comfortable and bright rooms, but also for its relaxed bar and Infame, a restaurant that is already a reference in Lisbon.

It was there that we savoured the recent vegetarian tasting menu and let ourselves be carried away by an experience of intense but delicate flavours. We started with the delicious Perception cocktail, and were ready for the dishes that followed, of which we highlight the Veggie Pakoras, with vegetables and togaroshi mayonnaise, the Infame Salad 3.0 – a hot salad with mini lettuce, aubergine, soy sprouts, shimeji mushrooms, pear, egg and Azores’ cheese – and the dessert we  will never forget – the date cake with vanilla ice cream and whiskey toffee.
1908 is a complete moment, or several moments that complete each other. It is a space that is clear for its peacefulness and relaxation, by assuring that we will enjoy a great time.

Inês Mendes
Philippe Simões


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