Sandbjerg Residence

A house on an island.

We travelled to Denmark to get to know a project by one of the studios whose work philosophy we enjoy the most. We are talking about Norm Architects. The studio, based in Copenhagen has completed 12 years and is known for the “Soft Minimalism” of its holistic projects. These, besides being unquestionably beautiful and timeless, explore the human and emotional dimension underlying each work, each colour and each material that passes through their sieve, from residential architecture to creative direction, through to industrial design. But it is the residential projects, based on Scandinavian design traditions, that challenge them the most, due to the possibility of establishing a bridge between function and durability of residential design with more commercial and narrative spaces.

The residential projects, based on Scandinavian design traditions, challenge them the most.

Sandbjerg Residence is an example of this. A private residence that has undergone an interior refurbishment combining the charm of a humble country house with a clear contemporary sophistication. Located in the idyllic landscape of the northern part of the Danish island of Zealand (Northern Zealand), surrounded by meadows and forests, the house is secluded in a nook of trees that open up to a garden, similar to a park, and that brings light and air to the residence. The exterior of the house can be described as a real tribute to traditional Danish country houses, with a chalk-grey coloured façade, paned bay windows, thatched roof and granite stone details. From inside out, everything is made from natural materials of local source. In the house’s interior, there are balanced and warm spaces, with details thoughtfully in-built and made-to-order.

The overall feel and colour scheme of the exterior is imported into the interior of the house through a palette of palpable, tactile, wood and stone materials, and natural fibre textiles and leathers, combining farmhouse characteristics with an exclusive refinement of a contemporary residence. All the materials chosen for the interiors are durable and easily maintained, gaining beauty with wear and time. The beautifully natural and textured surfaces inside, include oak walls and in-built cabinets, as well as made-to-measure furniture in dark and smoked oak, blackened iron and Thala Grey marble. We must also highlight the dining room, with a bright stone floor, textured walls and floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, as well as a sculptural dining table, a magnificent centrepiece. Designed to meet the needs of an active family that often hosts and entertains guests, the property includes a swimming pool and tennis court as outbuildings, as well as a joined greenhouse.

Mariana Ribeiro
Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Norm Architects

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