Different solutions.

We live in an era of renewal on what concerns the understanding of workspaces in consequence, it seems like this at least, of the evolution in the way we understand work nowadays. We look for, as they tell us in WOOD, “another kind of satisfaction and gratification on work”. In this context, cowork has been a well accepted tendency by professionals due the flexibility it allows, and that’s how we got to know Wood, in Lisbon.

It is a place thought out so that those who choose to work there have all the conveniences and accessibilities, to be comfortable. Therefore, there is a diversity of workspaces – individual desks, rooms with various sizes, meeting rooms (scheduled through an app) and informal meeting places, for example – , and each floor has a kitchenette. The interiors project, signed by the studio Anahory Almeida, privileged both comfort and functionality, gave it  profound colours – dark blue, light blue, brown – and profuse lighting.

But WOOD is much more than desks, it is a place that wants to provide well being because there is a belief that this is a key factor to productivity. So, there is a welcoming living area, a yoga room with changing rooms, a beauty space (with booking also through the app). WOOD is place where one is surrounded by design and has all the tools to work happily.

Inês Mendes
Philippe Simões


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