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Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal 2018

Flavour | 24 Nov 2017

A new Michelin Star in Portugal, and the acknowledgment of two others. These were two of the main Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal’s news, in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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Ferreira de Sá Rugs

Videos | 23 Nov 2017

They have been weaving dreams for the past 71 years. In Ferreira de Sá’s factory, working since 1946, rugs, and the imagination of designers and clients, come to life

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Interiors | 22 Nov 2017

What Iles proposes is that furniture is organized in formations called islands, instead of being against the walls as is usual, allowing a “multilateral access” to each piece in the space

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Lego House

Magazine Architecture | 22 Nov 2017

Now, LEGO has its own house, made with the brand´s culture and values by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) architectural office. A glimpse is enough to absorb LEGO´s essence, magic and the imaginary-

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Duplex Tibbaut

Architecture | 21 Nov 2017

The rehabilitation of two independent residences – on top of each other – very much neglected was the beginning of architect Raúl Sanchez’s project

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Masseria Moroseta

Magazine Style | 20 Nov 2017

“Masseria Moroseta was born out of love: love for a unique land, for the open sky, for fragrances that open up your heart, for simple tastes…as simple as true love can be”.

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Tesla Motors

Tech | 20 Nov 2017

Tesla’s first truck is a shadow no more. Already having the audience, Elon Musk also launched Tesla`s new sports car - Roadster

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Deep White

Magazine Style | 17 Nov 2017

We submerge ourselves in a white mantle that incites and intrigues us, like an unknown territory. We lay the senses in the same mantle and let the light reveal its forms.

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Studio Deusdara

Design | 17 Nov 2017

Studio Deusdara is Portuguese and Brasilian. It was created in Brasil, in 2012, by the hands and the "creative mind" of architect and designer Davi Deusdara and, now, its headquarters are in Braga, on the north of Portugal

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Magazine Flavour | 16 Nov 2017

In Matosinhos, in the north of Portugal, on one of the city’s historic streets, really close to the sea, there is a place that leaves us wondering and makes us dream. Terrárea opened its doors in the end of July, and is a three in one.

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Design | 16 Nov 2017

RIZO is Studio Cast Glass’ new flagship brand. This brand distinguishes itself for the luxury, for the intangible belonging which characterizes its pieces, each one with a unique story

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Magazine Interiors | 15 Nov 2017

In this project the material defines the shape. It surrounds us visually. It intrigues us. Linehouse studio was invited to create a second store for the streetwear brand ALL SH.

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