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Art + Culture


Art + Culture | 05 Apr 2018

We find out about Alberto Selvestrel, an Italian photographer, and his series Images and we realize that there are perfect alignments in apparently improbable places

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Longchamp Paris

Magazine Art + Culture | 06 Mar 2018

Longchamp, a remarkable brand acknowledged internationally for its quality and sophistication, furthermore for its ability to reinvent itself, continues to amaze and express its creative energy throughout the world.

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All That Is

Art + Culture | 15 Feb 2018

“The coast is where the planet is laid bare, consumed by the shifting face of time”. Toby Trueman is a photographer and the creative mind behind the All That Is series

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Latiff Mohidin

Art + Culture | 13 Feb 2018

Latiff Mohidin and his Pago Pago series are the focus of the latest collaboration between Centre Pompidou and the National Gallery Singapore

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Dalva Duarte

Magazine Art + Culture | 02 Feb 2018

It all started when Dalva was three years old, when she discovered coal and began to paint her house´s walls. The mud, in different tones was kept in jars, sticks, brooms, even her own fingers – everything served for her to express herself.

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Tamara Alves

Art + Culture | 31 Jan 2018

She lives in Lisbon but could belong to any city. Tamara Alves is from the street, from the world, and the whole world fits in the work of she who is considered one of the most notorious urban artists of our time

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Art + Culture | 25 Jan 2018

For BORDALO II, junk is a possible raw material. From waste production strong messages are born that point a firm finger to the world, to the exaggerated consumption that causes residues to develop at a hallucinating speed

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Art After Dark

Art + Culture | 19 Jan 2018

With Gillman Barracks signature – na art cluster, in Singapore – Art After Dark is back to Singapore Art Week for a flagship edition

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Ana Barros

Magazine Art + Culture | 27 Dec 2017

Ana Barros is an architect, lives in Vienna, and was the first Portuguese to work exclusively as an instagrammer.

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IN 3

Art + Culture | 11 Dec 2017

A mix of art, architecture and domesticity. This is architect Jean Verville’s suggestion with three installations, named IN 1 2 3, in which “sensory perception is asked to transgress the physical limits of space”

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Piazza del Vento

Art + Culture | 04 Dec 2017

In Genoa’s waterfront, Italy, an ephemeral and sensorial installation arose. More precisely at the Piazza del Vento, this project was inspired by the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano

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Los Caminantes

Art + Culture | 30 Nov 2017

The perfect mix between photography and illustration. That’s what Felipe Bedoya gives us with ‘Los Caminantes’ project, where he depicts roaming vendors and their vague nature

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