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Rui Paula

Magazine Flavour | 29 Nov 2016

Serene, intense, rich, majestic, the sea is a symbol forever present at the Casa de Chá da Boa Nova in Matosinhos. The emblematic work of Álvaro Siza Vieira constructed between 1958 and 1963 is, since 2014, the space of creation for Rui Paula.

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Michelin Stars 2017

Flavour | 24 Nov 2016

The most famous gastronomic guide in the world announced yesterday in Girona, Spain, the full list of restaurants awarded Michelin Star 2017.

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Miguel Rocha Vieira

Magazine Flavour | 18 Nov 2016

The love story between Miguel and gastronomy began in the United Kingdom when, at 20 years of age he traded Cascais for London to study Hotel Management at the City of London College.

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The new menu of RIB BEEF & WINE

Flavour | 31 Oct 2016

Seeking inspiration in everyday life, RIB BEEF & WINE presented the new menu that reinforces the concept of the restaurant. Signed by Chef Rui Martins, the menu offers a number of new options.

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Flavour | 26 Oct 2016

The ISTR restaurant welcomes its guests in a cosmopolitan environment that marries traditional French cuisine - from Brittany in particular - with the best of New York culinary culture.

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Flavour | 10 Oct 2016

Andrea Petrini and Alexandra Swenden continue to revolutionize the culinary world and, in 2016, return to promote THE GRAND GELINAZ!. After the successful first edition, the global initiative happens on 10 November 2016.

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Magazine Flavour | 16 Sep 2016

They say that this place is rich in secrets and stories to tell, in which the aromas of a very special cuisine whisper in the ears of meat lovers, inviting them to taste its delights. This is what it’s been like at number 12, on Rua da Picaria, in Port...

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Healthy Dish, Healthy Body

Magazine Flavour | 08 Sep 2016

The human diet is traditionally composed of animal and plant based foods. In recent years a host of alternative diets have appeared, aiming to optimise health through eating.

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Anatomy of a Hamburger, by José Avillez

Flavour | 05 Sep 2016

Start by making the caramelised onion mix. Heat a little olive oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the onion, cut into fine strips, the garlic and the bay leaf. Sauté. When the onion is cooked, add the balsamic vinegar.

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Bairro do Avillez

Flavour | 17 Aug 2016

Lisbon has a new neighborhood, at Rua Nova da Trindade, open every day from 12 PM to 12 AM. José Avillez’s new restaurant is inspired by the best Portuguese flavours and surprises by the varied gastronomic offer.

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RIB Beef & Wine

Magazine Flavour | 26 Jul 2016

The Pestana Vintage Porto offers a retro and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Another reason to visit it has been added alongside the refurbishment works – the RIB Beef & Wine, a restaurant boasting meats and wines as its menu highlights and an urban and sophi...

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Flavour | 13 May 2016

It`s a beer. It`s Portuguese. It`s handmade. And it`s much more than that. It`s called Musa and the name says it all. This Portuguese brand promises to attract even those who don’t like beer.

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