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Casa Decor 2018

Interiors | 08 May 2018

Most voted space by the Public and Honorable Metion for Best Original Design (for the Kitchen Island) were the two prizes awarded to Portugal in the 2018 edition of Casa Decor, in Madrid

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Mr. C`s Private House

Interiors | 07 May 2018

Mr. C, the owner of this house designed by studio Super Normal, had several requests and expectations, which were guided above all by the standards of luxury hotels

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Piada Lyon

Interiors | 02 May 2018

Arthur and Mathilde are brothers, and together they have realized the dream of their mother: to bring a part of her native Italy to the French city Lyon, through the traditional recipe of piadinas

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Walford Road

Magazine Interiors | 26 Apr 2018

However, for the owners of this Victorian house on Walford Road, London, the association of the interior space to the garden was undoubtly important, given their significant relationship with the outside world.

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Kentfield Residence

Interiors | 24 Apr 2018

When the new owner’s purchased the house, it was dark and in poor condition that dated back to the seventies, in a ranch, in Kentfield, USA

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Barbot – Dioplaste Eco

Interiors | 19 Apr 2018

Without preserving elements. Smelless. And 100% healthy. Through Barbot’s hands, arrived at the Portuguese market the first all-natural paint, which does not use preserving elements

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Seven Star Yufeng Club

Interiors | 18 Apr 2018

Firstly thought to be a sailing classroom for teenagers, the studio Shenzhen Super Normal Design proposed something more

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Highgate Hill

Interiors | 12 Apr 2018

The graphic backdrop and the space’s natural lighting are two aspects that make this house renovation stand out, in Highgate, London, by studio LLI Design

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Magazine Interiors | 03 Apr 2018

It was 1985 and in Portugal a good deal still remained to be discovered involving architecture and interior design. Carmo Aranha and Rosário Tello were two inseparable friends willing to do things in a different way, avoiding traditional patterns.

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Interiors | 02 Apr 2018

An apartment in a new building’s top at downtown Montréal, Canada, glazed and with a privileged view to Mount Royal was the starting point for atelier Desjardins Bherer

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Magazine Interiors | 29 Mar 2018

It is a country house but could also be described as the ultimate retreat. In São Paulo, somewhere in the same São Paulo that is also an intense financial centre, there is such a place that mixes the new and the old with the simplicity of those who lin...

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Interiors | 19 Mar 2018

Specialized in shelves, Tylko assumes, from the very beginning, that who knows what a house needs is its owner

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