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Carnets de Traverse

Magazine Style | 06 Jul 2017

Julie and Renaud met at an advertising agency in Paris where, at the time, they were both artistic directors. The desire to share with the world the strong interests they have in common made them start the Carnets de Traverse blog.

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Style Videos | 04 Jul 2017

Layers, the fashion editorial of ROOF Magazine n.º 9.

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Cécile Boccara

Style | 03 Jul 2017

Cécile Boccara’s jewels came to 21pr Concept.Store in Lisbon

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Proof Eyewear

Style | 27 Jun 2017

Proof Eyewear is real and it bets on its products’ sustainability. Proof of that is the use of raw material “provided by the Earth”

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Style | 08 Jun 2017

At first sight, Bahaus and the Atlantic have nothing in common. However, both are names from Topázio’s new jewellery series.

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MANGO Journeys

Style | 19 May 2017

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Do not look back and join us on this trip. MANGO`s JOURNEYS campaign is already in the fifth episode and includes, each season, three stories that reflect the facets of different personalities

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Magazine Style Videos | 16 May 2017

Energy is metamorphosed in this body, which, in a perpetual motion, is choked in a castle and in a tangle. She pauses to inhale. Intense. The breathtaking wisp is deafening, but it is this that keeps the body aware, seeking a route to escape.

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Style | 11 Apr 2017

IMPERFECTION is the most recent collection of CASK, the brand of Lisbon based fashion designer Rita Casqueiro, that wants to “portray what Man considers imperfect in the body”

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Style | 03 Apr 2017

Convento do Beato, in Lisbon, is going to be the stage of ICONIC’s first edition, whose theme is “Girl Power”

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Portugal Fashion - Katty Xiomara

Style | 27 Mar 2017

After Katty Xiomara premiered the fall/winter`17 collection in New York, the "enchantment" between the Bull and the Moon was revealed on the third day of Portugal Fashion

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Cinderella 2.0

Style | 23 Mar 2017

A high heeled crystal shoe is the main object of a Disney fairy tale in which the main character is a girl who is tormented by her stepmother and half-sisters

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Nike Vote Forward

Style | 21 Mar 2017

To celebrate the Air Max Day, on the 26th of march, Nike decided that the next Air model will be chosen by the consumers, through the Vote Forward campaign

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