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Magazine Tech | 18 Jul 2017

It has been more than 25 years. The silver jubilee, in 2015, was celebrated with gold. That year, ATZ - AUTOMATIZADORA - launched the King & Queen special edition, which included gold plated handles, cylinder and locks.

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Tech | 25 May 2017

The new AV receiver (audio/video) by Denon delivers “a surround sound experience” without the usual cables and, therefore, it “revolutionises” home theatre

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Audi Cetus

Tech | 05 May 2017

Audi Cetus is a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission city car, designed to change everyday city travel. The main objective was to create a car for two people that will be likeable and fun

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Tech | 03 May 2017

With the aim of improving quality of life for all those who believe in a greener urban mobility with less cars and less pollution, the Italian brand SZ | Bikes created the Equilibrium bike - elegant, safe and comfortable

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DT Ultimate GT 2TB

Tech | 08 Mar 2017

Related to the field of mass storage devices, Kingston is revolutionizing the USB flash drives’ market in what concerns size vs storage capacity

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Range Rover Velar

Tech | 06 Mar 2017

Range Rover Velar premiered and occupies the gap between Evoque and Sport. To the Range Rover line, the Velar adds “glamour, modernity and elegance”

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Tech | 24 Feb 2017

After the announcement of Italdesign Automobili Speciali’s launch, Italdesign returns to the deluxe car collector’s market with a limited edition

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Tech | 23 Feb 2017

Flyte, a company whose goal is to conceive inspiring and intelligent products, created a clock with a pointer that levitates

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iTechStyle Summit

Tech | 14 Feb 2017

The Cruise Terminal, in Leixões, was the host of iTechStyle Summit – 1st International Conference on Textile and Clothing, during the 13th and 14th of February

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Piaggio Fast Forward

Tech | 09 Feb 2017

Piaggio Fast Forward designed an everyday assistant to help people move more freely. Gita can carry your personal belongings, groceries, papers

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Roli Blocks

Tech | 26 Jan 2017

It may look like a LEGO, but it`s in fact a modular music studio. The Roli Blocks consists of several blocks, which connect to each other, making it possible to open the world of musical production to anyone

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Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Tech | 19 Jan 2017

Volkswagen reinvented its iconic van, adapted to the future. With electric motors on both front and rear axles, the I.D. Buzz has all-wheel drive, promises zero pollutants emission and a range of 600 km

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