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Lexus Sport Yatch

Tech | 17 Jan 2017

Lexus is recognised for its cars and now wants to conquer waves. With that in mind, they developed a project for a sports yatch, Lexus Sport Yatch

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Tech | 02 Jan 2017

Designed by Jiyoun KimStudio, Conbox is a fan that combines aesthetics and performance and can be controlled through a smartphone APP

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Tech | 15 Dec 2016

PIUMA is a super minimal fountain pen designed by ENSSO, an award-winning studio in Los Angeles, California. In order to provide an incredibly smooth writing experience, PIUMA uses the latest CNC technology.

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Destiny: 2017

Magazine Tech | 12 Dec 2016

Connecting the world through knowledge, talent and creativity will always be one of the greatest challenges, year after year. We live in an era of globalization, the concept is not new, but we also live in an era of urbanization.

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Oak Mirror

Tech | 10 Dec 2016

The Oak Mirror is an interactive mirror, touch-screen, which intends to revolutionize the experience of shopping, creating a bridge between technology and physical shops.

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Exploded Cinema

Magazine Tech | 15 Nov 2016

It was the will to bring the imaginary of some films to us, that inspired the designers of the Chinese studio, One Plus Partnership, to develop the project of Exploded Cinema – the new cinema of Wuhan City.

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Goodbye, Web Summit!

Tech | 11 Nov 2016

Web Summit 2016 has come to an end. Four days, 1490 startups, 21 conferences, 53.000 attendees, 663 speakers, 2000 journalists and a lot of networking.

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"Make love, not war"

Tech | 10 Nov 2016

After the victory of Donald Trump in the American elections, the third day of Web Summit was marked by the comments, disappointment, and anger of most speakers.

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Web Summit 2016 - Day 2

Tech | 08 Nov 2016

The Web Summit continues to fill the streets of Lisbon and to bring people from all over the world to MEO Arena and FIL (International Fair of Lisbon).

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Web Summit 2016 - Day 1

Tech | 07 Nov 2016

The event that brings to Lisbon thousands of tech entrepreneurs, investors and global influencers was inaugurated today at the MEO Arena, and was attended by António Costa - Portuguese Prime Minister - and Fernando Medina - the Mayor of Lisbon.

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Web Summit 2016

Tech | 06 Nov 2016

Six years after the first Web Summit in Dublin, the world`s largest event of entrepreneurship and technology will take place in Lisbon from tomorrow on.

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Tech | 02 Nov 2016

Designed by industrial design firm ALTO Design and digital agency Valtech, Tok is a connected object for reserving conference rooms at a glance.

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