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Mercedes-Benz Vision Van

Tech | 14 Sep 2016

The cargo transport van is fully electric and between many new features and the latest technology , it is also accompanied by drones on the roof. Watch the video and let yourself be lulled by this futuristic vision of the brand.

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New Generation Hyundai i30

Tech | 12 Sep 2016

Unveiled in anticipation of the official presentation that will be held in October at the Paris Motor Show, the New Generation Hyundai i30 incorporates, according to the brand, the Hyundai Motor`s DNA car for Europe.

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The new iPhone 7

Tech | 08 Sep 2016

Apple consumers can now slow down their anxiety. After several months waiting for the new equipment of the brand, the last Apple Keynote did not disappoint and showed excellent products.

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Tech | 06 Sep 2016

A LED light tunnel which supports quality control in car painting shops. Thanks to the advanced design and the high-tech, VarioInspect received the Red Dot Award 2016: Product Design in the industry, machinery, and robotics category.

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Tech | 29 Aug 2016

The Belgian company ANYWAY Doors designed a 360º central pivoting hinge, pretty much invisible, that can be fitted to any pivoting door or wall.

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Tech | 24 Aug 2016

Designed to create pleasant emotions in business communication, the Teletype is a modern and fun system for sending messages establishing a more informal contact between companies and customers.

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LP 160

Tech | 22 Aug 2016

LP 160 is a modern and advanced loudspeaker that plays a sound of excellent quality from traditional audio devices - such turntables - and wireless devices - such tablets, smartphones or laptops.

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Tech | 09 Aug 2016

With AeroGT, an avant-garde concept car, Bell & Ross comes to the automobile universe. Showing the creative power of the brand, this car is a fusion between a plane and a sports GT.

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Tech | 05 Aug 2016 launched a new line of wireless headphones that combines design, modernity and technology in an exclusive product Apple.

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Tech | 01 Aug 2016

The Toniebox and Tonies are a digital audio system suitable for children, created by Patric Fabbender and Marcus Stahl. Together, Patric and Marcus founded the Boxine GmbH and developed this cube audiobook and the corresponding figures.

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Tech | 26 Jul 2016

With this portable espresso machine the coffee lovers no longer need to worry about finding the perfect place to drink a good espresso.

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Sound Brewery

Tech | 07 Jun 2016

The essence of this project is to prove that from the collaboration between talented people can always come out something extraordinary. The Sound Brewery is a conceptual machine for generating music from the ingredients used to produce Nastro Azzurro be...

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