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Claus Porto

Interiors Videos | 28 Jul 2017

Opened in June 2017, the new Claus Porto’s store, in Rua das Flores, Porto, celebrates the 130th anniversary of the brand

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Tina Siuda

Art + Culture Videos | 11 Jul 2017

Her native country is Poland, but Portugal, more specifically the city of Porto, where Tina Siuda, an illustrator, established in such a way that she already feels at home in this town

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Art + Culture Videos | 05 Jul 2017

In Formosa Street, Porto, there is a place to visit - Alambique Bookstore, the winner of Portuguese Bookstore with Best Environment Prize, in 2017

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Style Videos | 04 Jul 2017

Layers, the fashion editorial of ROOF Magazine n.º 9.

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Tendence 2017

Videos | 03 Jul 2017

Three days of news in one of the most important decoration, gift and living events - Tendence, in Frankfurt

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Júlio Dolbeth

Art + Culture Videos | 28 Jun 2017

Roof Magazine spoke with Júlio Dolbeth, one of the founders of Dama Aflita art gallery, in Porto

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Esplanada do Teleférico

Videos | 22 Jun 2017

Esplanada do Teleférico, in Vila Nova de Gaia, with almost a year of existence, is already one of the favorite places to enjoy the best view of Porto

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Creative Camp 2017

Art + Culture Videos | 19 Jun 2017

From July 2nd and the 9th, Abrantes, in Portugal, will be the stage of 180 Creative Camp

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Casa Decor Madrid

Interiors Videos | 06 Jun 2017

Nineteen Portuguese companies make an impression at Casa Decor Madrid until 18th of June

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Magazine Style Videos | 16 May 2017

Energy is metamorphosed in this body, which, in a perpetual motion, is choked in a castle and in a tangle. She pauses to inhale. Intense. The breathtaking wisp is deafening, but it is this that keeps the body aware, seeking a route to escape.

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The Rehearsal

Magazine Style Videos | 24 Oct 2016

Creating. Creating with every gesture, with the look, breathing. Creating honestly pretending to be another in a place that is also invented. Theatre is all of this and much more than can’t be put into words. Today, it’s time for the dress rehearsal....

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Interiors Videos | 03 Oct 2016

After three intense days to present the latest trends from the sector, Homeing promises to return in 2017.

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