Editorial Charter


ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine is a bimonthly publication of information particularly aimed at disclosing, via text and image, architectural, decoration and design projects, in Portugal and abroad. Its purpose is equally to analyse and promote trends and a range of cultural aspects on a global scale;
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine is immune to political and economic powers and to any pressure groups and is independent with respect to any ideologies and religions. It is guided by criteria of rigour, impartiality and creativity;
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine is governed, in its work, by the rigorous fulfilment of ethical standards of journalism. It is produced by a team that is committed to respecting the rights and duties provided for in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, in the Press Law and in the Code of Ethics of Journalists, as well as the good faith of the readers;
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine defends pluralism of opinion, without prejudice to its right to be able to assume its own stance;
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine does not forgo having an opinion, taking a stance and provoking and promote debate. These will nevertheless always be clearly identified as such and will never be confused with informative material.
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine respects the boundaries of the private space of citizens;
ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine will be available to the public in paper and digital formats.

Indoors and out, at ROOF – An IN & OUT Magazine we travel the globe in search of the very best in architecture, interiors, design, culture and lifestyle.