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Albert Adrià

Magazine Flavour Interviews | 01 Aug 2017



Albert Adrià. The creative mind behind one of the most original, complex and sophisticated gourmet concepts ever. ElBarri, the collection of six restaurants that the Spanish chef opened in the charismatic city of Barcelona - Tickets, Niño Viejo, Bodega 1900, Hoja Santa, Pakta and the latest one, the Enigma. This is the world of Albert Adrià.  

Six restaurants in the same city, all within a radius of 600 meters. What is the secret of El Barri?  
It’s precisely the fact that the restaurants are next to each other that makes us more dynamic and efficient. We have one team, which, in fact, does not work, in any of the restaurants and they are in charge of coordinating and supervising all the restaurants. 

ROOF’s cover theme is “ART”. You are considered one of the most artistic chefs in the world. What is the art of Albert Adrià`s cuisine? 
It`s a topic which has always demanded a lot of respect from me. My opinion is that the dinner, with its sensitivity, can transform my work into art if that`s what someone believes. I merely cook

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Text: Isadora Faustino
Photos: ElBarri


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