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Archi Summit

Architecture Archi Summit | 11 Jul 2017



Architecture surrounds us and surprises in every corner. For two days, in Lisbon, architecture was the main topic and the center of attention, at the Archi Summit. Under the iconic cover of the former Pavilhão de Portugal, currently Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Parque das Nações, gathered architects and enthusiasts of this area, as well as 28 companies from several technical areas of construction. This third edition of Archi Summit, which stood out as it took place in the capital, also featured the largest ephemeral cork installation in the world, with a concept led by the architect Manuel Aires Mateus and the SAMI studio, and material made available by Amorim Isolamentos.
Bruno Moreira, head of the Archi Summit organization, states that one of Archi Summit`s goals is to "surprise in every edition" so that the event does not get caught in the conference/exhibition concept.
One of the most surprising aspects for Aitor Fuentes and Igor Urdampilleta, from Arquitectura G studio, was the fact that it was an outdoor event, and were also pleased with the speakers present at Archi Summit. Jan de Vylder, of De Vylder Vinck Taillieu`s office, said the event seemed to be "a successful mix between the world of making and building and the world of architecture." A world that has as its main challenge, in De Vylder`s opinion, "life", because the important thing is the way people experience spaces.
The third edition of this event dedicated to architecture represented a "rediscovery", according to Bruno Moreira, as it was held in Lisbon, "outside the comfort zone" (Porto) and featured names such as Pascal Flamer, Arquitectura G, Jan de Vylder, Johannes Norlander, Nuno Brandão Costa, Barbas Lopes and Valerio Olgiati.
Bruno Moreira also pointed out that the number of participants was "quite interesting" ­ – around 800 architects.



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