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Interiors | 13 Dec 2018



Workplaces have undergone changes that privilege the employee well-being. In Québec, one of the oldest cities in Canada, there is a new office that stands out: the audiovisual producer Attraction has created a true microcity for its entire team. About 300 people left closed offices, divided by sectors, to share a single space that encourages creativity. The main purpose of Imperatori Design`s project was to create a unique but heterogeneous environment. The end result in nothing resembles a workplace.
The entrance gives access to a large lounge, an ample space for dining and a welcome room which receives guests, employees or simply those who have to talk and exchange ideas. Workspaces range from the so-called stations, U-shaped design studios, and several meeting cubes, which are alternated with large areas of circulation and with strategic retreats for when the requirement is rest and concentration. These individual offices not only optimize freedom of movement, but also create a dynamic view of the space. In addition to these semi-private zones, there are telephone booths and small confidential areas. Alongside the highlight given to natural light, the lighting is subtle but effective and eco-friendly, as is most of the furniture and the décor.



Photos: Stéphane Brügger

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