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Butterfly Studio

Architecture | 04 Jan 2018



Glass, wood and steel are the main materials. The Butterfly Studio is an intriguing structure, which is hidden in Westport, United States, and was the winning project of the 2017 American Architecture Prize. Designed by Valerie F. Schweitzer Architects and inspired in part by a butterfly’s wings, this is a studio with 350 square-foot and the private office of a family villa. Perfectly camouflaged by the local vegetation, the building emerges from the earth, with the angled panels clad in stucco that give it a primitive and futuristic quality at the same time. With an expansive glass and steel skylight that gives it natural light throughout the day, the studio is the perfect retreat for any artist`s moment of reflection.



Photos: Tom Leighton and Paul Bartolomeuw

Valerie F. Schweitzer Architects


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