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Carl Hansen & Son

Magazine Design | 24 May 2018



110 years of history is a memorable accomplishment. To remain meaningful, up to date, with great aesthetics, is even more. Carl Hansen & Son, a worldwide renowned Danish brand that developed from a furniture workshop, wants to “expand worldwide” and to tell stories of “passionate craftsmanship” to increasingly more people. The products’ quality has to be unquestionable and excellence must to be part of everything they do.Knud Erik Hansen assumed the company’s leadership in 2002 and, with fondness, talks about the family legacy, which is also Hans J. Wegner furniture designs´ largest manufacturer.


Carl Hansen & Son is a company with over a hundred years of history. How does the brand keep up with the times?

For more than 100 years, Carl Hansen & Son has focused on two core ideas: an uncompromising commitment to the finest craftsmanship, and alliances with exceptional designers who continually reinvent and refine the concept of modern design.
Hans J. Wegner is one of the greatest designers of all times and the collaboration with him was crucial for our company. The creative partnership began in 1949, when my father, Holger Hansen, took a chance on the then-unknown designer, and Wegner developed a successful furniture series that included the now-iconic Wishbone Chair. This collaboration and the many that followed demonstrated what can be achieved when unprecedented design and uncompromising production come together.


The classics, such as the Wishbone Chair, by Hans J. Wegner, are still important pieces?

The Wishbone Chair is one of the pieces we most sell in our company. It is not only a fantastic dining chair but also a totally unique chair with the most fantastic lines. Furthermore, you can sit in it for hours without getting tired. It has survived more than 65 years of competition and it is still more popular than ever.


What are, for you, the main traces of the Danish design?

Craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetics are the main traces that are inherent in our company.

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Text: Inês Mendes
Photos: Carl Hansen & Son

Carl Hansen & Son

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