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Magazine Interiors | 29 Mar 2018



It is a country house but could also be described as the ultimate retreat. In São Paulo, somewhere in the same São Paulo that is also an intense financial centre, there is such a place that mixes the new and the old with the simplicity of those who line up the pieces of a puzzle. A total of 800 sq. m. designed by the Brazilian studio Melina Romano Interiors, which was born in 2007 to "question and redefine spaces, shapes and experiences". They speak of an "affective design" as the top goal of the work they develop. And this is what it is revealed in this project.
The living area calls us. We lost ourselves trying to understand each detail while contemplating each one of the pieces signed by Antonio Citterio, Jader Almeida, Marcel Wanders, Sérgio Rodrigues or Marcus Ferreira. Looks like we`re reading a story. And indeed we are. It is a story that speaks of art and comfort. Vermelho Steam inspired in the 19th century puppet theater and animated some of the walls that connect to the dining room, another environment that was thought for contemplation. In fact, and if the pages of this magazine were a real window for the project, we would feel the coffee aromas, accompanied by a delicious cornmeal cake.

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Text: Cátia Fernandes
Photography: Melina Romano Interiores

Melina Romano Interiores

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Magazine Interiors


Magazine Interiors
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